Five Ways to Improve Security at Your School


Safety and security are key concerns for schools across the country. Every school security strategy requires a combination of physical and technological resources to keep students, staff, and facilities as secure as possible. From access control to surveillance technology, schools can take steps to ensure student safety. This blog post provides effective ways schools can enhance their security measures, including the installation of accordion folding doors at key entry points.

Conduct Regular Safety Drills

Safety drills prepare students and staff to respond to emergencies quickly and appropriately. It is an essential security measure that schools should not be understated. Regular safety drills, including fire, active shooter, and lockdown drills, prepare students and staff to react in the safest and quickest way possible.

Install Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems are a practical way to limit access to key entry points within a school. This technology restricts access to designated areas by granting access only to people with the approved security clearance. Additionally, such a system helps create access records, reducing the possibility of harm arising from unauthorized access to school compounds.

Implement Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems offer an extra layer of security in school buildings. Schools can monitor activities with video surveillance cameras that capture activities in critical areas and promote better control of visitors and students. Surveillance systems also act as a deterrent, providing a safer learning environment.

Use Metal Detectors

Installing metal detectors at the entry points to schools is an effective way of preventing weapons and dangerous objects from entering the premises. Checking bags, tech devices, and clothing for guns, knives, and other offensive weapons should become a mandatory procedure before students can enter the campus. Metal detectors are a relatively economical solution that offers a high degree of accuracy.

Add Accordion Folding Doors

Authentic accordion folding doors can improve the safety and security of classrooms and other designated areas within school buildings. These doors are constructed of steel and are designed using unique methods, making it more challenging for intruders to enter. These doors have thickened frames, hinges, and locks, which protect entry points from break-ins. Further, they are soundproof and fire-resistant, which further enhances their value to schools.

Protecting students and staff requires deliberate effort and measures. In addition to the above-stated measures, schools should consider partnering with security companies to help design and implement an effective strategy. Every school should ensure a safe and secure learning environment, and these measures can act as a starting point to help achieve that goal. With the right combination of technology, physical resources, and a business like Won-Door, schools can create safer learning environments that prevent harm to students and staff. Working with a company like Won-Door can 


9 February 2024

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