Garage Renovation: Choosing a New Door

3 Ways to Help Your Automatic Doors Last Longer

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your business’s automatic doors to last for many years. Here are three ways you can help your doors last longer and remain safe for daily use. Keep items out of the way Automatic doors work by utilizing sensors that pick up on movement, opening when people or […]

3 Different Moving Supplies You Should Have On Hand

When you are preparing for a big move and gathering moving supplies, most people tend to focus on boxes. While boxes are important, they are only one part of the materials that you need for your move to be successful. Make sure that you also have these supplies on hand so that all of your […]

Repurpose Your Beautiful Old Windows When You Buy New Ones

Replacing your beautiful old windows with new ones may not be a decision that you came to lightly. Some of the windows used during the construction of older homes are very beautiful and can be hard to let go of. Instead of getting rid of the beautiful old window, you can give it a new […]

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Garage Door Maintenance That You Can Do Yourself

A garage door must be properly maintained in order to keep it working properly. There are small things that you can do to your garage door to keep working at maximum efficiency without having to call a service person.  Align The Sensors The sensors on the garage door can throw off the entire opening and […]

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