Are You Focused On Establishing A Better Garage?


Do you think of words like chaos or beyond messy when you enter your garage? Is it even difficult to enter your garage because your garage door isn't working properly. Maybe one of your New Year's resolutions was to get your garage in order and then keep it that way. If so, from arranging for garage door repair to establishing a clean-up routine with your family, here are some ideas that might help you.

Garage Door Repair - Hopefully, your garage door hasn't been broken for long? If it has not been functioning properly, that means that you've had to get out in freezing cold weather to open it manually, right? Consider making your first order of business in your garage project the repair of your garage door. A professional repair person will probably be able to evaluate the problem quickly, and then get the repairs done sooner than you expected. 

A garage door repairman will be able to assess things like whether the photo eye is out of alignment or even that the track isn't aligned correctly. The springs of the garage door could be too old to function properly, or the transmitters might need to be repaired. If the service is going to be extremely expensive, you might consider getting a brand new garage door. If that's the case, consider having the feature where your family and trusted friends can enter the garage using a code on a key pad. 

A Family Responsibility - You're not the only one who uses your garage, right? Maybe your spouse uses the garage to store things like hobby materials or out-of-season clothing. Your kids might have their sports equipment simply laying in random places of the garage. Whatever the picture, it probably isn't very pretty, or you wouldn't be concerned about the state of your garage. Think of getting your family members together to make the organization project a family affair.

To be fair, consider why the things that are left around aren't in a proper place. Once you have made an assessment, think of buying shelves where your spouse can keep the things he or she is storing in stackable containers. Buy bins for things like basketballs and volleyballs, and think about buying a rack for bicycles. Once you have provided storage equipment, ask your family members to use about half an hour on Saturday mornings to make sure their belongings are where they should be.

For more information, reach out to a garage door installation professional.


16 January 2019

Garage Renovation: Choosing a New Door

I liked everything about my newly-purchased home with the exception of the garage door. The old swing type door didn't work for me. It took too much time and effort to open, and the door was a little too heavy for some of the family members. That's when I decided to talk with a contractor. With his help, I chose a remote controlled rolling door. Once it was in place, it was easy to see how convenient this was for our family. There was no lifting and no getting out of the car in the rain to open the door. Since it came with a manual override mechanism when the power was out, it was perfect. If you are thinking about installing a new garage door, let's talk. I'll tell you what I learned along the way and why I chose an overhead door for my garage.