Repurpose Your Beautiful Old Windows When You Buy New Ones


Replacing your beautiful old windows with new ones may not be a decision that you came to lightly. Some of the windows used during the construction of older homes are very beautiful and can be hard to let go of. Instead of getting rid of the beautiful old window, you can give it a new purpose in your kitchen. Suspended windows over center islands or over tables will add architectural charm and provide you with a creative use for the old window that you don't want to let go of. Here, you will learn how to complete this project.

This project requires a few supplies, including:

  • Old window
  • Screw eye hooks – heavy duty for large windows
  • Quick links for chains
  • Drill and bits
  • Stud finder
  • Chains – 4 of equal length for level ceilings, altering lengths for slanted ceilings.
  • Measuring tape

Find the Studs

You must find the studs in the ceiling to provide the window with enough support to hold it securely in place. Use the stud finder and use a pencil to mark the location of the studs in the general area of where the hooks will be installed.

Get the Measurements

Now, find the center point of the island or table that you are hanging the window over. Measure the distance from the center point to the studs that you have marked. In ideal situations, you will be able to install the eye hooks directly on the corners of the window, but sometimes, they may need to be adjusted so that the window hangs evenly over the table or island.

Mark the measurements on the window and prepare to move on to the next step.

Pre-Drill the Holes

Get out your drill and the drill bit that is one size smaller than the diameter of the screw eye hooks. Pre-drill the holes into the window frame and the ceiling. This will make it possible to install the eye hooks without splitting the wood.

Attach the Hardware

Now that the holes are pre-drilled, it is time to insert the hook eyes. Do so by slowly screwing them into the holes. Sometimes, you may need to use a pair of pliers to grip the hook firmly enough to get it screwed into place securely.

After the eye hooks are installed, attach one quick link on each one. Attach the chains to the ceiling hooks and find someone to help you hang the window onto the chains.

At this point, the decorative finishes are up to you. Do you want to place some decorative vases on top of the window or maybe some artificial ivy? This is sure to be one element of your kitchen that you and everyone who enters your kitchen will love.

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24 December 2015

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