4 Types Of Shower Doors And Advantages Of Each


Do you love taking a nice relaxing shower but you're not too crazy about getting in and out of the shower? Maybe you simply need a brand new shower door. To help you pick the perfect one, here are four types of shower doors and the advantages of each.

1. Frameless Glass Shower Door

This type of shower door is exactly what it sounds like as it is a glass shower door without a frame. Instead, a frameless shower door is made from a single pane of glass. A frameless shower door does not run along a track and helps to modernize the look of your bathroom.

Some of the advantages of a frameless shower door include:

  • It comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs.
  • It allows more light to come into the shower, which improves visibility.
  • It is easy to clean.

Another advantage of a glass frameless shower door is that since there is no metal, it will not rust or corrode.

2. Bi-Fold Shower Door

This type of shower door consists of folding sections, one that is fixed and another that is moveable. This type of shower door is typically used for smaller-sized showers.

Some advantages of a bi-fold shower door include:

  • It provides more room in the shower since it doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • It comes in a variety of materials and colors.
  • It opens inward, which prevents water from dripping onto the floor.

Bi-fold shower doors work especially well for corner showers.

3. Bypass Shower Door

This type of sliding shower door consists of panels made with tempered glass or plastic. The panels run along tracks that are located on the top and the bottom of the shower door. Bypass shower doors are usually found on bathtub/shower units.

The advantages of bypass shower doors include:

  • It helps save bathroom space.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It allows homeowners to put towel bars on their shower door.

This type of shower door works well in bathrooms that are used by children as they are easy to operate and don't swing out, which increases the chance of hitting a nearby object.

4. Pivot Shower Door

This type of shower door contains a pivot hinge, which allows the shower door to swing in or out.

Some advantages of a pivot shower door include:

  • It can be used for large openings.
  • It does not require a track at the bottom.
  • Its larger design offers convenience for those with mobility issues.

While pivot shower doors tend to be more expensive than other types, they add an ultra-modern look to your bathroom.

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29 April 2021

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