3 Different Moving Supplies You Should Have On Hand


When you are preparing for a big move and gathering moving supplies, most people tend to focus on boxes. While boxes are important, they are only one part of the materials that you need for your move to be successful. Make sure that you also have these supplies on hand so that all of your belongings are protected.

Plastic Wrap

There are many uses for plastic wrap during a move, with it being a very versatile item. It comes as a large roll on a handle, which allows you to quickly and easily wrap large items with it. The material also sticks to itself and onto surfaces, so you do not need tape to hold it onto items.

The purpose of using plastic wrap is to prevent items from potentially becoming damaged and keeping items together. For example, a dresser can be wrapped in plastic wrap to protect the wood from becoming scratched and prevent the drawers from sliding out and becoming broken. You can wrap a couch in plastic wrap to prevent the cushions from falling off it and prevent the fabric from being ripped when sliding against sharp objects.

If you are concerned about a large item making it to your new place in perfect condition, it doesn't hurt to wrap it in plastic.

Mattress Bags

It's not very practical to wrap a mattress in plastic, but thankfully, they do make bags specifically for your mattress. It's the best way to protect a mattress during a move, especially when the alternative is to use blankets that can easily fall off. The bags come in the size that match the type of mattress you have, so pick up bags specifically made for a twin, full, queen, or king sized mattress. Don't forget to get a second bag for your box spring too, but remember that king sized mattress often has two smaller box springs that are the size of twin mattresses.

Mattresses are heavy, and chance are that it could be dragged on the ground or rub against a sharp object and cause a rip in the fabric. The mattress bag will give it the protection it needs to survive the move.

Picture Boxes

One of the most awkward things to pack will be your large picture frames. They are often too big for a standard box, they have a glass surface on them that can shatter even when they are wrapped in plastic, and could be very valuable if they are holding artwork in them.

You can actually get boxes that are designed just for large frames. A local moving company should sell them in a variety of sizes, with each box storing a single frame. Make sure you measure all the frames in your house before you head out to purchase some, which will ensure you get the right quantity and sizes.

For more helpful tips on packing, speak with your movers (like Diversified Installation Service Inc) about things you can do.


11 May 2016

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